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Water Purifier

Accessible in wall mounted design, the offered Nasaka RO Water Purifier acts as a reliable drinking water purification medium for houses, offices and other commercial buildings. The outer part of this water purification system is made of scratch proof durable ABS material. This product consists of multiple filters like PP filter for effective elimination of colloidal particles, magnetic softener for lowering hardness of water, activated carbon filter for removing odor and for improving the taste of water, nano silver for eradicating contamination caused by algae, reverse osmosis membrane for complete eradication of suspended particles and impurities of water and bacteria present in water and antiscalant for preventing accumulation inside water purifier.

Features of RO Water Purifier :-
  • The provided Nasaka RO Water Purifier is available in different water purification capacity and drinking water storage options.
  • It can be availed in wall mounted design.
  • The ABS made outer part of this water purification system is completely scratch proof.
  • Long working life.
The ergonomically developed Commercial RO water purifier adopts reverse osmosis based water filtration technique for effective elimination of contaminants present in water.. The RO membrane of this purifier is instrumental in complete removal of colloidal substances, organic particles, virus, bacteria and dissolved salt present in untreated water. The high pressure centrifugal pump of this system is useful for creating higher pressure on water than the osmotic pressure. As its result, the water transforms into pure drinking water. Energy efficient operation, low operation cost, functional stability and low noise level are some of the key features of this Nasaka Commercial RO water purifier.

Features of Commercial RO :-

  • It uses 5 to 6 stages of filtration procedures to make raw and hard water drinkable.
  • The filtration mechanism of this system involves creation of higher pressure than osmotic pressure on raw water.
  • Long working life.
  • Easy to comprehend operation.
Accessible in different filtration capacities, the Nasaka Water Filter offered by us serves as an affordable option to provide contamination free pure drinking water instantly. It adopts ultra filtration technology that involves creation of hydrostatic pressure on water so that it can go through a semi permeable membrane. This semi permeable membrane is effective in separation of various particles, organic substances and micro organisms present in raw water. The sediment filter used in this system is useful for removal of turbidity of treated fluid. The nano silver equipped activated carbon filter of this system, Nasaka Water Filter completely eliminates unpleasant smell, pesticides, fluorides and various other heavy metals from water.

Features of Water Filter :-
  • The provided Nasaka Water Filter uses hollow UF membrane for total removal of all sorts of impurities present in untreated water.
  • It creates hydrostatic pressure on fluid to direct the fluid towards s semi permeable membrane for filtration purpose.
  • Long working life.
  • Precise design.

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