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Tubular Battery

Featured with sealed type design, the offered Inverter Battery, Tubular Battery, Jumbo Tubular Battery, Hadi Tubular Battery is used for smooth operation of UPS system, solar powered device, telecommunication system and power transmission equipment. It uses silica fume and sulfuric acid made gel based electrolyte or colloid electrolyte that makes it completely leakage proof. The special composition of its electrolyte assists it to endure harsh working environment and high temperature. The low density of its electrolyte content and precise venting design of this type of battery enable it to discharge additional gas automatically. The tight assembly technique of this battery improves its discharge rate. The ABS made outer part of this Inverter Battery possesses high strength.

Features of
Inverter Battery :-
  • The provided battery is equipped with colloid based or sulfuric acid and silica fume based electrolyte.
  • The ABS made outer body of this battery is completely high temperature proof.
  • High discharging capacity.
  • Environment friendly operation.
Notable for its sealed type design, the provided Okaya Automotive Battery is preferred for its long life span, maintenance free quality and Eco friendly mechanism. The silver cadmium made grid of this battery lowers its acid vaporization rate and protects it against rust. The PE separator of this automotive power unit possesses good mechanical strength.  The cutting edge center lug technology of Okaya Car Battery has made it totally vibration proof. The polypropylene made outer part of this Automotive Battery is completely leak proof. Excellent starting performance and utilization of calcium composite and lead made plates are some of the key features of this battery.

Features of Automotive (Car) Battery :-

  • The middle ear plate design of this battery enables it to work in different working environments.
  • The cast on strap design and state of the art center lug technology of this battery prevent its vibration.
  • Long life span.
  • Easy to install.
Reckoned for its long service life, the Okaya Smf Vrla Battery uses copper and lead terminals with silver plated design for its efficient functioning. It is used for trouble free operation of emergency lighting system, power transmission system, UPS system and various lighting systems to name a few. Notable for its completely enclosed structure, this battery has low self discharge rate for its negative additive based content. The alloy made grid design of this power unit is completely creep proof and rust protected. The low water loss rate of this Okaya Smf Vrla Battery prevents its cell expansion rate. Unique ventilation design and explosion proof structure are some of its main attributes.

Features of Smf Vrla Battery :-
  • The provided sealed maintenance free battery or SMF Battery is specially designed for automobiles like car utilization purpose.
  • The alloy fabricated grid of this power unit is completely rust proof.
  • Its functional stability remains intact under different temperature levels.
  • Long life span.
The lead acid Okaya Solar Battery is widely used as integral part of telecommunication system, automobiles like car and motorcycle, UPS device and solar powered equipments. The PVC or ABS made outer part of this battery possesses exceptional strength and is high temperature proof. It uses copper or lead as its terminal material. Its plate part is made of lead calcium or light alloy or lead antimony alloy. Free from maintenance charge, this is appreciated for its long functional life, low water loss rate, vibration proof operation, good starting power and ease of installation. The low self discharge rate of this Solar Battery has contributed to its environment friendly nature. Solar Battery

Features of Solar Battery :-

  • The offered battery consists of ABS or PVC made housing part, alloy made rust proof grid and lead antimony alloy or lead calcium fabricated plate.
  • This battery is completely high temperature proof.
  • Low self discharging level.
  • Long life span.

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